Seiko’s Weight Management Club

Seiko’s Weight Management Club

Meka lost 14kg in 5months – A very successful member

The weight management club started in September 2016 and we have more than a dozen feline and canine members. It is a challenging and difficult task, for both pets and owners but with our great efforts our furry friends are losing excess weight.

What we do is;

  • Assess the body condition of a dog
  • Set the goal
  • Get the appropriate feeding plan
  • Check the weight every two weeks
  • Talk about exercise tips


We have some great target weights reached from members who have finished the program:

  • 11 years old, huntaway, female, 28kg => 22kg (15kg loss)
  • 5 years old, Labrador, female, 44kg => 36kg (16kg loss)
  • 6 years old, Rottweiller, female, 46kg => 39kg (14kg loss)


Here are some facts about why our pets gain weight these days:

  • Desexed animals need 40% less calories than entire animals so it is important to adjust feeding after your animal is castrated or speyed.
  • Some owners give their pets human food. Human food is TOO high in sodium, sugar and carbohydrates for dogs. Giving our food to dogs long term will cause liver problems, kidney failure and urinary complications.
  • Cats used to have to work to get their food, now we give it to them on a plate!
  • Dogs used to have to compete in packs, now get to sit at the table and wait!
  • The most important thing we need to remember is “Gaining weight is much easier than losing weight” – If you think your pet may be weighing the scales down a bit too much get in quick to fix the problem before their health becomes affected.



If you want to join the club, pop into the Hokitika clinic to talk to Seiko.