Our West Coast Vets team's experience in deer work ensures that our clients continue to receive top-notch advice and on-farm services for their deer.

Services we provide here at West Coast Vets include

West Coast Vets Ltd has numerous veterinarians that can remove velvet from young spikers through to mature stags. We are able to sedate and reverse animals if you do not have facilities that can safely immobilize the stag. Spikers can have NaturOrings applied the day of or the day before they go on the truck to the works, or the velvet can be removed at least a week before slaughter.

West Coast Vets Ltd has veterinarians that are accredited for TB testing deer. If you only have small numbers of deer we can work this in with other management practices, i.e. velveting or scanning, otherwise herds can be done whenever it suits you.

Scanning can be an important tool for deer farmers in order to cull dry animals early and if needed age any pregnancies to sort into early and late mobs. We offer top of the line scanning equipment and experienced veterinarians to carry out the job safely and efficiently. Our equipment is secured on our person so there is no need to have a separate area for a tv screen to be set up. If we see any signs of disease or pathology we can also discuss options with you.

Johnes disease is a major problem on many deer farms, but can be subclinical on others. It is best to catch the disease early to sort out potential issues before too many detrimental effects occur. West Coast Vets works closely with Johnes Management Ltd and has many tools available to help survey Johnes disease incidence on your farm, and ways to prevent it from becoming worse.

We are always here to help so please contact any one of our clinics & one of our vets will be able to assist where possible.