Sheep & Beef

When it comes to farming livestock you want a cattle, sheep vet who understands the practicalities of running cattle and sheep farms & Our Vets are the right people for the job

We offer our Livestock clients a great range of services including

  • Flock health planning
  • Blood Testing – We routinely blood test stock for BVD and Johne’s, particularly bulls before entry into dairy herds.
  • Drench Programmes aimed at maximum growth of stock and therefore the best return possible on your investment.
  • Reproductive issues such as lambings, bearings and sleepy sickness.
  • We commonly trim sheep and goats feet to keep them feeling good maximising feed intake.
  • Preventative advice
  • Disease prevention programmes including vaccination

We pride ourselves on ensuring we are one step ahead & working alongside our farmers to reduce effort. There is not many services that are beyond our capabilities so if you have any specific requirements that need to be met – Ask one our local Vets here at West Coast Vets & we can guarantee they will work hard to get the job done.