Down cow prevention

“Something that might happen in Spring” you might think now, but now is the time to think about how to prevent those costs and losses of these down cows!

A down cow will have a higher chance of having metritis, mastitis and reproductive issues. So, if you have treated more than 2% of the herd for milk fever over last Spring, or you just want to have less problems over the coming Spring, prevention through nutrition might be the solution! As our down cow seminar was having technical issues, or you might have missed it all together through other things, Marjan is more than happy to talk to you individually about farm specific solutions.

Hopefully somewhere in May, the restrictions might lift. In the meantime, we will continue with phone consulting. During the transition period from dry period to the beginning of lactation, we can make a difference of outcome around calving. All of you are supplementing Magnesium and preventing the classical grass staggers. But is this Magnesium in a form that decreases the DCAD in the diet? In other words, is it actually helping to prevent milk fever?

There are multiple options of minerals available. These include feeding in the shed and feeding over baleage/hay. This way cows increase their own blood calcium levels around calving, when the demand is the highest, without getting down from milk fever and without the calcium bag treatment from you!

Ring the clinic now and discuss options to prevent these costly down cows on your farm in spring.