Farm Store

To compliment our Veterinary clinics we offer an excellent retail area which stocks food, treats, toys, animal essentials and gifts for your pets & companions, as well as a wide range of Farm & Large Animal products.

Our experienced staff are more than happy to advise you on foods, supplements, flea treatments and wormers that are best suited for your pets & are competent in advising the best products for your large animals also.

Our Dairy farm & Large animal products and drugs include:

  • Prescription Animal Remedies

  • Internal and external parasite drenches

  • Metabolic products

  • Energy drenches

  • Rumen modifiers

  • Bloat prevention

  • Mastitis and teat treatments

  • Hoof knives and lameness product

  • Prescription Animal Remedies

  • Skin ointment

  • Mud fever treatment

  • Wound treatment

  • Bandaging supplies

  • Oral boosters

  • Joint supplement

  • Vitamin supplements

  • Electrolytes

If you require a specific product please contact or come on into one of our clinics & speak to our receptionist as we may be able to order it in for you!


Why West Coast Vets is a great choice

We're locals

We’ve been located throughout the West Coast area for decades. It’s where we’re from and where we raise our families.

Wide network

We’re plugged into the Veterinary world and our team can call on expertise from all over the world, then deliver it locally.

Handy clinics

We’re close to you for consults, supplements, supplies...whatever you need. Pop on in or organise a delivery.


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