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Our Greymouth clinic caters to a strong pet & Dairy client base, we are well known for providing exceptional companion animal service. In addition, we are regularly involved with our local deer, horse & sheep/beef clients. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality veterinary medicine and working with our clients to develop optimal animal health plans and solutions.

West Coast Vets Greymouth is also distinguished by providing an outstanding level of companion animal medicine and surgery. Our dedicated companion animal veterinarians offer years of experience in emergency medicine, orthopedic surgery, ultrasound, dentistry, and more. The exceptional facilities and diagnostic tools we offer reflect our strong commitment to high quality care of our working dog community, as well as town pets.

Greymouth provides a 24 hour in-clinic emergency service, so help is only a phone call away if needed.

Our team at West Coast Vets Greymouth are always striving to be the best so we can provide the best for our customers. We love what we do & it shows in our work!

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