Multimin reminder

As you all know, newborn calves are the most vulnerable to disease on the farm and trace elements are essential for immunity and production.

Multimin contains zinc, manganese, selenium and copper in a chelated form, which is tissue friendly. The minerals are absorbed into the blood in 8 hrs and the liver in 24 hours

New Zealand trials have shown, when supplemented with Multimin at various ages, there is a decrease in neonatal disease such as scours and naval infections and a decrease in death rate in the calves. The most beneficial result is when multimin is injected in the first day of life with the decrease in illness being 52% and death rate decreasing by 58%.  This is despite the herds involved with the study being fully supplemented with trace elements. 

A multimin treatment at weaning is also beneficial. 

Dose rate for calves is 1 ml/50kg so a birth dose would be .75 ml. The cost of this, out of a 200ml pack, is 62c excl GST.

Give us a call at the clinic if you have any further questions.