September/August Checklist


  • Magnesium & Calcium supplementation

  • Transitional cow feed plan

  • BCS herd

  • Pre-mating PP+ (Trace element testing)

  • Rapid Milk test (RMT) cows in colostrum mob before letting them in with the milkers.

  • Take milk samples from cows with mastitis for the best antibiotic treatment choices

  • SCC rising? Ask for advice!

  • Avoid grazing effluent paddocks with colostrum and springer cows

  • Record all “AT RISK” cows (assisted calvings, retained membranes, down cows, twins, dead calves etc.)

  • Mating tail paint and heat detection devices to identify non-cyclers

  • Look into Synchronising programs

  • BVD vaccination

  • AI matings to observed heats


  • Mating preparation

  • Synchronising programs

  • Check on weight/condition. Maintain feed supply at a high level.

  • Fluke and worm drench done?

  • BVD vaccination

  • Are they at their target weight?

  • 60% MLW @ 15mo


  • All calves getting 2L of good quality colostrum in 1st 12hrs of life

  • Passive transfer testing

  • Teat spray navels

  • Maintain high standard of calf pen hygiene

  • 10 in 1 vaccine

  • Disbudding/disbudding training

  • post-weaning drench


  • Blood test for BVD and 1st vaccination

  • Bull fertility testing

  • Are reserve bulls organized?

  • Lepto vaccination