Antibiogram is the way forward

As discussed at the Dry Cow Consult and the RVMs, we are promoting responsible and cost effective mastitis treatment. We encourage the use of antibiograms to culture Staph aureus and Strep Uberis, which are specific to your farm from a bulk milk sample, and titre them against 10 of the most common antibiotics that make up mastitis and dry cow treatments. It allows us to maintain a treatable population, and allows you to be aware if you are bringing in cows from a more resistant herd.

A bulk milk sample should be collected at the end of October or start of November. The reason for this is that we want as many cows contributing to the vat as possible on the day of sampling. 

 What we will achieve with an antibiogram

  • Identify the current resistance status of your herd

  • Ensure that you’re using the most effective mastitis treatments specific to your herd

  • Monitor your resistance status and identify any changes over time

  • Compare your resistance status with industry benchmarks

  • Develop biosecurity plans to protect a good resistance status

  • Manage your herd status and make more informed decisions when integrating stock from outside your closed system.

  • Help the dairy industry demonstrate that it is using antibiotics in an effective, responsible and sustainable manner.

Those who have not done one, and would like more information give us a ring.