What is a Dry Cow Consult?

A lot of us are only just pregnancy testing at the moment, but the seasons come around faster each year (or that is what it feels like to me). We want to support you and help make the best decisions going forward both for the health and welfare of your animals but also financially and for responsible antibiotic usage. 

What is discussed in a Dry Cow Consult?

The Dry Cow Consult allows us to have an in-depth discussion surrounding the successes and challenges of the past year; what you have done well and where we should focus going forward. Those that have done an antibiogram this year will allow us to guide our product choice with even more information. For those that have not done an antibiogram this season, there is still time!

Same as last year we will be looking to do DCT Consults out on-farm, due to the limited space at the practice. We will waive the mileage and visit fees to help with this. We will be contacting you soon to allow you to get the dry cow ready if you need to dry any skinny cows off.

As usual, Maria will soon be contacting you about your bulk milk liver fluke and ostertagia test just before the dry period to lead to our decision making when treating the herd for parasites in the winter.