Clinical case: Kovu and his prophylatic gastroplexy

We recently shared an article on the dangers of twisted stomachs and the danger in deep-chested dogs. Let’s meet Kovu, an at-risk dog that came into our clinic for some preventative surgery.

Kovu is a very handsome, nine-month-old German Shepherd, whose owner booked him into our Hokitika clinic to have a prophylactic gastropexy under the same anaesthetic as his castration. Prophylactic – meaning preventative. Gastropexy – meaning surgical procedure where the stomach wall is adhered to the abdominal wall.  

Kovu’s owner had done some research on GDV after a member of Kovu’s family suffered from it and wanted to do everything she could to prevent Kovu from going through the same agony. 

Although any anaesthetic poses risks, performing a gastropexy on a healthy animal is much safer than an emergency laparotomy on a severely compromised animal. 

Big healthy Kovu’s surgery was a success, he received his anaesthetic very well and even though he had two separate procedures, he recovered beautifully. 

We recommend any owner with a dog that fits into the more at-risk category for suffering from GDV speak to one of our highly experienced vets and ask for advice on this procedure which could save your beloved pet from a condition that could be preventable.