Meet Marvin

Our latest addition to the Greymouth vet team joins us all the way from South America!


I’m Marvin, and I’ve just arrived with my family of three from Paraguay, the heart of South America, where I was born and raised.

After gaining a degree in veterinary medicine from the State University of Asuncion in 2017, I spent the next six years working as a rural vet in a Mennonite Colony, located in an arid region, working mainly with beef and dairy cattle.

My focus over those years was on clinical cases, emergencies and surgery in cattle and horses, performed exclusively in-field.

Summer over there can reach temperatures up to 45 (or more) degrees celcius, and it’s usually hot most times of the year, but we can also get near to zero in winter too!

I'm sure we will have to adapt a bit to the new environment here, but myself, my 8 month old son and my wife won't miss opportunities to explore New Zealand and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Since arriving in NZ and starting at WCV, I’ve already learned a lot and look forward to better understanding the Kiwi way of dairy farming, learning new techniques, getting to know more awesome people and being useful to the local farmers.

I am looking forward to helping you on the farm!