Tis the season...to manage those pesky parasites.

The season is upon us, the soil temp is up and the worms will be multiplying! Managing worm burden involves a number of strategies, including stock/pasture rotation, quarantining and of course responsible use of drenches.

You know your farm, and we’re here to help to achieve your goals. Drop in, or give us a call and we can help with your parasite plan.

Check your drench is working for you

An in-house comparison of our 2022 faecal egg count reduction tests showed resistance (or suspicious results) in 47% of cases for single active drenches, and 33% for duals. Meanwhile, resistance to triple-acting and novel drenches was far lower, averaging 11%. These numbers highlight the importance of testing and being strategic about the tools you use.

Festive treats

Here at VetSouth, we have a wide selection of drenches to suit whatever you need. As usual over the festive period, selected drenches come with a ham, but we’ve also got a heap of other cool gifts to go with purchases made up to Christmas. 

Don't forget we have a delivery service that will be in your district once a week.

Sheep Drench

Cattle (and Deer) Drench

We love being one step ahead and finding innovative products and activities that support you, your community and industry. 

  • Last year, we found the Victory Knives which have a wool blend handle (purchase SmartShot and go in to win one this year). 
  • Our vets are working closely with new technology companies that monitor stock on farm, using real-time data to recognise sub-clinical issues, so we can help set up your animals for the best growth possible.
  • There is a lot of chat about trees, and we are doing our bit too, planting natives on Bluff Hill (we will leave the pines to others).
  • We can’t stay out of the surf, proudly getting onboard with Surfing for Farmers again after being one of the inaugural sponsors. Not a bad way to freshen up at the end of the day!
  • This year we’re getting behind The Wool Pot, an NZ-made biodegradable plant pot made entirely of sheep wool. It is suave enough to sit on the patio, but also able to be planted in the ground.

Purchase selected drench products over the Christmas season and fill your stockings with a whole host of cool stuff. Offer available on drench purchases from the 15th of November to the 23rd of December. Offer available in participating clinics only and while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.


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